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anything that provides feels

i am so tired of life, really. don’t see the point in pretending like i’m happy and okay anymore.

how do you kill yourself painlessly


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Joyce Manor - Leather Jacket


Look at Hiccup’s face in the last gif
How incredibly HAPPY he is
Those two…

I want a dragon

am i the only one who finds in endearing when the whole of SJ wears matching shoes

This really should not have been. #RIPEunB #RIPRiSe #prayforladiescode

When I think about how painful and serious the accident must have been, I can’t help the surge of sadness that comes up. Pray for Sojung, Zuny & Ashley as well. The news must be really overwhelming for them too.

forbidden friendship



Tyler just added this tweet to his favourites in twitter

The maybae tag ft. Troye Sivan | Tyler Oakley #Troyler


she actually gave luna the book lol